Bridge Maintenance

We conduct motorway, suburban and rural bridge repair works as well as upgrade bridge structural components.

Investigation Works

We inspect the carriageway and footpath for investigation works, findings, and remedial works.

General Maintenance

We perform routine assets and structures maintenance for both local and private sectors.

Drainage Works

We handle general and drainage works such as cesspits, pipe laying, manholes, detention tanks and soak holes.

Fencing and Safety Barriers

We maintain, upgrade, and install different types of fencing. Available fencing are chain-link mesh, safety fence and barriers, bridge handrails, and road guardrails.

Painting and Coating

We apply special coating systems such as carboline, sila protective coatings and anti-graffiti coatings to structures.

Timber Works

We use timber to construct boardwalks, bridges, safety barriers and structure maintenance gap.

Asphalt Surface

We install asphalt on carriageways, carparks, and playing surfaces.

Planned Maintenance

We maintain and repair assets / structures to ensure longevity and reliable condition.