As a company, we are committed to creating a culture of whanaungatanga to develop an environment that fosters engagement within our community and improves social outcomes

We focus on social responsibility, priority employment, as well as nurturing talent and youth

  • Providing ongoing upskilling and training for our TIL whānau 

  • Equal opportunities employer, supporting diversity and local communities for employment

  • Supporting local businesses, subcontractors and trades people, sourcing local materials.

  • Improving company-community relationships, TIL participants and sponsors a range of community events, schools, sports, and supports local events and clubs. 

  • Employee wellbeing programme – raising internal morale and employee engagement/participation in various social gatherings and award presentations. Our people are rewarded and acknowledged for their outstanding contribution.

  • Long-term service staff are acknowledged for their achievements.

We are involved with various Māori, Pacifika and General employment initiatives within a number of government agencies. As well as the following charitable organisations.

We understand the importance of fostering a relationship with the local community during the lifecycle of a project in their neighbourhood. We take this opportunity to serve the community by doing minor civil works at marginal cost or no cost and help the schools, churches, community halls, elderly homes etc while doing physical construction works upgrading their roads.

The Konini Primary School Amphitheatre and Playground Open area was constructed by TIL at a charitable cost.

TIL has an agreement in place for high school leavers and young people, to provide  training for the trade and construction industry. We provide on-site trade training, driving licence, plant and equipment operator training, safety and basic trade literacy, as well as written and verbal English communication skills. TIL has trained more than 30 concrete layers in-house, supervisors were trained to use electronic devices to manage site paperwork and time management. We work alongside the following organisations. 

  • Te Whangai Trust 
  • Youth Connections Auckland Council 
  • Manukau Job and Skills Hub (Karine Moka) 
  • Department of Corrections (Adrian Tusha)
  • Senz 

TIL is committed to maintaining diversity in not only its employment but it’s relationships with Māori and Pacifika construction companies.

TIL is registered with Amotai, Akina, and the Pacific Business Trust, as a supplier to recruit subcontractors as required. Arrangements have been made for further discussions and implementation of their services. (Due to Covid Lockdown progress has been interrupted)

  • TIL has a MOU with Early Adaptors Limited (Te Rawe Wawe, Fred Percival Akarana Rewi and Marcel Wainohu) increasing the feasibility of our involvement for a  Maori housing project  in Wairoa. 
  • TPV limited (Toalofa Vatikani)
  • Innovate Civil Limited (Fred P Akarana -Rewi). International Transport Movers Limited for various housing projects, supply and recycle of concrete and topsoil. Various other joint venture projects are in pipeline from housing projects to general civil works. 
  • Venus Construction Ltd (Parthiban Ponnan) is currently used for various concrete, retaining and stonewall construction..

As a company we work towards respecting and upholding the practices and beliefs of the Tangata Whenua and Mana Whenua within the projects we undertake.

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