TIL Modular Ltd.

Providing a complete turnkey development solution

TIL Modular Ltd. is equipped with an exceptionally talented and experienced team of experts who have been assembled by TIL in a single-minded effort to set the future benchmark for modular housing delivery in New Zealand, and to deliver all aspects of a project from resource consent and subdivision design to final home handover or even relocation, if required.

Using off-site volumetric modular capabilities, the TIL modular team has the capability, capacity, experience, financial resources, and infrastructure to deliver off-site manufactured residential homes and other commercial modular products to multiple sites across New Zealand.

Well-designed and innovative housing

Contributes in a positive way to future housing needs

High quality structure

Sits respectably in an urbanized context

Quick and efficient delivery

Key TIL Modular benefits

Key Benefits

Our team members were specifically selected for their long histories of delivering safe and high-quality design and construction services.


We are working to establish the first large-scale, flexible, and commercially capable modular manufacturing facility in New Zealand.

Consolidated & Compliant

We have consolidated a fully functional entity that will offer a modular system that is fully compliant with New Zealand’s stringent earthquake codes.

High Quality

High quality assurance standards are key to our ability to design and provide consistent off-site manufactured solutions that are delivered to site and ready for precision assembly.

Rapidly Deployable

Our rapidly deployable hybrid modular systems bring easily delivered financial security to the feasibility stages of these types of projects.

Sustainable & Safe

Modular construction responsibly reduces construction waste by 90%. Health, safety, and environment risks are also minimised in a controlled environment.


The off-site construction methods used in modular building focus helps in the efficient reduction of waste, sustainable use of materials, and better use of the project time.


We utilise a robust methodology and product selection process in taking a holistic approach to everything we design and communicate to architects, engineers, contractors, and providers.

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